We believe creative problem-solving is one of the core skills necessary to bring about a world that is more equitable and just. To that end, we’re producing a national series of Youth Creativity Summits utilizing the lens of creativity as a tool for problem-solving and future planning forums where young people explore the role creativity can play as they forge their futures and accomplish their goals, no matter where their interests lie. Driven by the belief that “learning by doing” is learning at its most powerful, the Creativity Summit series is dedicated to working with young people to create engaged, empowered and informed thinkers and leaders.



The summits will be a chance for young people ages 14 - 22 to create, and engage with, a network of like-minded creative individuals. Young people often seek support and guidance for the pursuit of creative careers and can feel unsure of their options as they begin to plan their futures. This network will serve as a long-term source of encouragement, assistance and validation. Framed by a future-ready focus, this summit will provide teens with a support system and community of young people with shared interests, as well as adults who will work to support their endeavors, all the while introducing them to the inherent creative practice in a multitude of career and education paths. As the summit participants go on to pursue challenging and innovative careers and lives, their fellow colleagues can offer support in every form. We hope to create a safe space for new ideas and new connections that will lead to lasting friendships and meaningful collaboration.


The Summits will be daylong events held in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC. in partnership with national organizations such as Apple, Youth Opportunity United, and Faber Castell, and local partners including Los Angeles Unified School District, Hyde Park Arts Center, the Kennedy Center and the Lincoln Center.


Leveraging the work and creative practice of working professionals as an organizing structure, the events will aim to highlight the pathways of creative practitioners in order to map common experiences and develop tools to empower young people to chart their own course.


The day will consist of multiple elements, all with the goal of connecting participants to their own creativity, no matter how it manifests. Young people will engage in a series of creative problem-solving challenges, hear from creative professionals about their paths and goals, and most importantly, tell their own stories.


After the summits, the work will continue through team-based public projects, a technology and social media communications campaign, and an online community of practice to knit all five cities together, sparking a nationwide movement to reframe/rebrand/redefine creativity.